Good for a Giggle

On the way to doing something I came past a mirror. I stopped and looked deep into the face that was my mirror image. I imagined I was looking at my self.

I looked all over my face, taking in the stubby gray beard (two more days’ growth would be perfect) then moving to my eyes lost under the baseball cap and the Andy Worhol eyeglasses yet clearly happy about the view, then on down my uneventful nose to my mouth.

As I looked closely at my mouth I began to discern an almost imperceptible change taking place – the edges of my mouth had moved out and up, ever so slightly, and even as I thought about it it kept happening, growing, and within no time at all I backed away from the mirror helplessly laughing my head off.


As I look at all this I get the feeling I haven’t done a real good job of introducing myself. Right, I need to get that sorted; get something up here about me and what I’m doing with this web presence as in John

The short answer is I have no great plan and therefore it’s a ‘suck it and see’ and take it as it comes, what the hell was that, look out…God knows!

It’s about art.

My art.

That’s becoming clear.

Who Knows…

What We Do Not Know.

We know that chairs, plants, animals, including people, things more or less, consist of molecules.

We know that molecules consist of protons and electrons and other extraordinary particles of something or other.

We know that these entities behave in certain random yet more or less predictable ways.

We know enough to be able to repair some of these entities when they go wrong, more or less.

We know forces such as gravity only as we measure their effect on something else.

We know that we and the Galaxy we inhabit are an infinitely small part of the cosmos.

We know that we do not really know very much at all, not even the tip of the iceberg.

What we do not know some people bow their heads towards in submission like an earth bound animal.

We do not know if the huge other in the cosmos believes in submission and confession, and passionately seeks a continuum of our being.

We do not know what causes cause and we call it God.

— John McCully