So, this coming week I might just head over to Moana on the north shore of Lake Brunner, becoming pleasantly dank at this time of the year, I imagine; Sandflies, humid and chilly, semi-deserted, wet underfoot, calm and mysteriously fecund…just what I need.

I plan to load videos to my blog, perhaps this week also; we shall see.

The technical challenges have not been trivial, though truth to tell on this delightful tranquil mild mid-autumn Sunday at the keyboard: a pleasure.

Soon, very soon, videos…

Lake Brunner

Mexican Mirror Image

‘A Dog’s Life’

I learnt the other day that dogs generally fall into two categories.

First, those dogs whose eyesight is short, but whose noses are fine-tuned. Bloodhounds for instance. These animals make good pets. Primitive creatures given to letting most everything up their noses in the belief that direction has to be sniffed out. If the winds are blowing the other way it can be problematic.

On the other hand there are those dogs that have little sense of smell whatsoever and rely more on a sharp set of eyes for the distance. I was led to believe that dogs in the later category are invariably impossible to control. Afghans, for instance. Primitive creatures given to not letting anything in front of their faces get in the way of their desperate headlong rush to what appears shimmering a long way off. It comes from evolving as creatures in such a harsh and barren landscape. There was never anything in front of your face other than one of another tribe even more desperate than you.

It is ironic; fine tuned sharp long distance vision creates blindness to that which is up close and staring us in the face. And a short term focus with a keen sense of smell for what’s here is like a dog chasing its tail blind to that beyond the self.

And as we go along the road ahead we come to a fork so we take it. Postmodern 101.