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As you see below I have added, finally, (after much too much learning about how to do it) videos to my blog. This looks like it might be a practical way of sharing. I hope so. As you see Password protected, for now, as I’m in the test phase still and I need to submit to the Deputy Chief Sensor (nudity). Soon, I’m hoping to be able to do away with the password annoyance. Cost is a significant item when it comes to posting video. I shall be a tad cautious until I get a feel for the traffic patterns and resultant operating costs.

More later…

Sunday night

So, this coming week I might just head over to Moana on the north shore of Lake Brunner, becoming pleasantly dank at this time of the year, I imagine; Sandflies, humid and chilly, semi-deserted, wet underfoot, calm and mysteriously fecund…just what I need.

I plan to load videos to my blog, perhaps this week also; we shall see.

The technical challenges have not been trivial, though truth to tell on this delightful tranquil mild mid-autumn Sunday at the keyboard: a pleasure.

Soon, very soon, videos…

Lake Brunner