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I enjoy reading Stanley Fish. He has a blog, of sorts, in the New York Times. He has published many books (most of which I’ve read, with pleasure) during his long productive life. He continues writing with a blog in the New York Times. It was while reading his recent blog I came across what he said was his favourite Musical ‘Carousel’ that took me to You Tube and the entries below.

But his essay titled ‘Pragmatism’s Gift’ March 15, 2010, 7:43 pm caught my eye. Pragmatism is just the very latest, Obama is said to be a pragmatist, Fish is certainly one, and the movement is full steam ahead.

Here’s a quote from his essay:

‘When pragmatism tells us that there are no first principles, it not only disqualifies itself as the source of guidance and justification; it disqualifies the whole enterprise, at least in its more ambitious forms. What it leaves are the pleasures of doing philosophy, the pleasures of thinking about thinking freed from the burdensome expectation that we will finally get somewhere. Now there’s an advantage and a gift to boot.’

I love it!

You can read the complete text here:

DEARIE (Gordon MacRae & Jo Stafford) 1950 – I remember, just!

DEARIE (Gordon MacRae & Jo Stafford)