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Look, I tell ya fellow fishermen, we’ll catch nothing here. They’re not letting enough water down the friggen river. It’s all going on the bloody fat capitalist Ashburtonite dairy farms. Pathetic. Look at this – how would you expect anything to make it up this damn trickle!

We’re screwed, us classic hunter-gatherers. The next thing the bastards ‘ill have us getting our fish at the supermarket. What fun is that!

Shadow Dance at Sea

Alright, pay attention, hurry up, stay in line, oh my God you look a mess; straighten up, common, over you, the other way you, get in line and prepare for take-off. We’ll take our turn and go in waves, OK, are we listening kiddies? Do I have to repeat myself! And you, on the outside, whatsyourname; don’t take off till I tell you…oh Christ; too late, he’s gone.

Right then; let’s go.

(and they did)

Watch out for the traffic!

(Click on the image to take a closer look.)


(A permanent state of afffairs with some of the details of along the way.)

Makes you wonder.

Fancy that!